Specialist care for Transgender, LGBTQIA+ and Post Mormon Communities in the Phoenix, Arizona Area.

You don’t have to feel miserable and muddle through life barely existing.

You can thrive in a meaningful and happy life.



Here are a few common reasons people contact me:

 Transgender, Gender Non-binary, Gender Non-conforming Individuals

It can be terrifying to wonder if your gender identity may vary from the one you were assigned at birth.

Sometimes knowing from a young age that you don’t quite feel like all those around you seem to. Or, when puberty hits all of a sudden realizing things just feel so wrong.

A lot of times it’s something folks read on the internet, or see on TV, and now it’s frequently YouTube; but it’s coming to hear what the term Transgender or non-binary or gender-fluid means. Then coming to realize that that might be what you’ve experienced you’re whole life. And, that it is possible for you to transition. To be authentic and feel less dysphoric.

What will people do and say to you if you tell them you’re actually not the gender they’ve assumed your whole life? And, what if you want to start using the restroom that matches your gender identity?

How do you go about starting a social and medical transition including potential HRT and surgeries with the necessary letters? It can all feel overwhelming and daunting and you may not be sure who to trust with what feels so personal.

I’ve talked with SO MANY people who’ve felt a lot of those same things. It may seem new and overwhelming-but your goals are totally achievable!

You can LIVE as the gender you have always known you are. Self acceptance and total life integration as a whole and happy person is completely doable.



Coming out is just one of many facets of a queer or LGBTQIA+ identity. It completely deserve it’s time and attention as it can feel scary and overwhelming.

But there’s also exploring your sexuality to begin with. Some folks are blessed knowing from their first crush how they identify. But, sometimes it takes years, lots of dating, sometimes we’re into kids, and marriages before we have a handle on our own feelings- let alone coming out.

There’s also navigating the dating field. The queer community can at times feel small with limited options.

Having kids and starting families can feel more complicated.

There’s also so many opportunities for growth and genuine beauty. Nothing feels better than to be seen and loved for who we really are.

Faith Transitions

Leaving the church can feel like an isolating experience. In the beginning a lot of people feel like they’re hiding.

Maybe you’re still trying to conceal that you’re not wearing garments, or you haven’t told your spouse you want to drink coffee; maybe your parents don’t know you haven’t gone to church in a month.

It can be scary and lonely to not know if you’ll lose your marriage, friends, community, and life as you know it.

Life outside of the Mormon church can be meaningful, happy, and fulfilling. You can find a new sense of purpose as well as your own sense of authority.

The freedom to find yourself will be an exhilarating ride that will take away the fear of being the empty seat at the eternal table. You’ll have confidence to make your own decisions and a new found sense personal authority you may never have known existed.

If you are not sure if I can help:

  • Everyone is welcome! I have lots of people ask if I help people outside of my specialties and the answer is yes! Feel free to reach out and let’s talk about how we can work together!
  • Call or send me an email, I’d love to talk and help you on the path to feeling better!

Let’s get started with an appointment:

Send me a message through the contact us page, call (520) 276-8667 or email: ThrivingLifeCounselingAZ@gmail.com.

I look forward to talking with you and helping you feel feel better.

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